Poetry changed my life, and continues to do so today. In my former role as a teacher, I memorized poems along with my students. Memorizing lines does more than simply put them in your brain by rote. It fuzes the words with your created meanings. It creates new images. It enlightens the soul.

Whether you memorize or just listen, I hope you find these poems a source of joy and hope.

November Night” focuses the senses: first hearing, then sight, then touch. You can nearly feel the leaves fall while it gives me goose bumps!

Theme in Yellow” plays on the colors of Halloween. An easy poem to memorize with your children.

"The Road Not Taken” classically memorized by all middle school children still carries powerful imagery for the grandparents, too.

End of Summer” paints with color, the wind and the sounds of changing seasons.

"To Autumn" speaks to more than just a season. It respects the passage of youth, life and innocence. Listen on Soundcloud.

"Sonnet 29" begins in despair. Then, like many sonnets, it turns to find grace "hap'ly", by accident. Watch this video on how it helped a young soldier in WWII. Soundcloud

"Sonnet 116" elicits strong emotions about the durability of love. What kind of love do you read into this poem? Soundcloud

Blake's immortal question evokes fear and awe. "The Tyger" pits the dread of the tiger against that of the lamb. Soundcloud

"Now Blue October" carries love and loss in the same pocket. "Beauty is only altered, never lost..." Soundcloud

"If" moves us all to be the best version of self. We all stumble, and we all get to choose to get back up and try again. Soundcloud